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Released in February 1977. In avoiding big concert tours for almost two years and moving from the city to the countryside, Ian Anderson had a chance to relax and rekindle his interest in British Folk music. Anderson's new songwriting was refreshed, and the band rose to the challenge of the new music that combined heavy rock with folk influenced acoustic guitar. The second album recorded by the band's sixth lineup, this collection of excellent songs was seen as a comeback for the band. David Palmer didn't officially become a member of the group until three months after the release of "Songs From The Wood," but his work does appear throughout the album.

On the strength of renewed airplay and an excellent concert tour, the album charted number 8 in the US and number 13 in the UK. The tour also marked the first time Tull had played in England in three years.

Songs From The Wood
Cup of Wonder
Hunting Girl
Ring Out, Solstice Bells
Velvet Green
The Whistler
Pibroch (Cap in Hand)
Fire at Midnight

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