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Each of the following photo essays consists of a series of images—
just click on each image to advance to the next.

The Mexican Day of the Dead

A glimpse into the celebration of The Day of the Dead in Mexico's Huasteca region.

Under the Golden Eye of Ra

This journey into the tomb and temple paintings of ancient pharaonic Egypt provides not only a look at life along the Nile, but at the soul's journey through the Underworld after death.

Crypts of the Capuchin

A macabre cathedral right in the heart of Rome built with the last earthly remains of the hooded brothers.

The Catacombs of Paris

Double exposed film made for a happy accident in the case of these unretouched photographs taken in the miles of winding subterranean tunnels that lie under the streets of Paris.

Samhain in a Cypress Swamp

An autumnal foray into the changing foliage colors in a North Carolina flood basin.

Caverna Magicka

Stalactites and Stalagmites conjoin after hundreds of thousands of years in this Pennsylvania Cave.

The Masks of Mardi Gras

The incredible creative masks of Mardi Gras in San Juan, Puerto Rico on the day of a full solar eclipse.

Heart of the Himalayas

A photographic tour with the Tara dancers as we traveled through India, Nepal, and Thailand.

Midnight in the Garden in Savannah

Sad-sweet southern decadence in Bonaventure Cemetery under the hanging wisps of Spanish moss.