P.O. Box 1735, Cathedral Station, New York, NY 10025

In this, her second commerically released album, Serpentine once again takes us on a macabre tour of her magical world. "Pretty" is not an adjective one would ever use to describe her music; this is the stuff from the deepest and darkest nooks and crannies of the human psyche—a powerful blend of New York urban gothic squalor, fascinating electronics, and, of course, the voice of this extremely talented individual who uses it not as a lyric device, but as a precise instrument of pleasure and torture. Moving from playful lullabies to primal screams within the same piece, Serpentine's voice has the dynamic range and flexibility of Bobby McFerrin with the intensity of Kali. Rock the Goddess brings in a new sound to the music of alternative spirituality, a sound which exposes the great depth of emotion and energy on the magical plane.

Her lyrics from the song "Ride My Broom" provide a nice feel for the rich texture of this album:

shifting rain of light and shadow
honey coloured dark to amber
nocturnal prism bleached wisdom
speaking the innocent
waves of tone wash up from the floor
yes i'm speaking innocent and pure
holding out the handle, like the old ones do
ride my broom.
Whoever took this world away from me
now i take it back
whoever took this world away from me
now i take it back
ride my broom
my broom

Available on CD and cassette, Rock the Goddess is highly recommended.

Reviewed by Colin Rowntree

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