THE NETERU OF KEMET: An Introduction
Tamara Siuda-Legan
Eschaton Productions, Inc., Chicago, IL, 1994

If you are looking for a good introductory book to the Gods of ancient Egypt,The Neteru of Kemet is the best I have read. The author is a graduate student of ancient religions and a priestess of the House of Bast. Thus, she writes of the Gods (Neteru) with both scholarly background and personal experience. This combination gives her material that sense of truth so often lacking in other recent books on this subject.

The introduction deals principally with the religious practices of Kemet (ancient Egypt) and touches on those of the House of Bast. The bulk of the book consists of thirteen vignettes devoted to the most universally known Neteru. Each vignette contains Kemetic texts, visualizations/meditations, illustrations, and a discussion of the Neter being described. Following these is an excellent bibliography and a brief glossary. The text is well written and accessible, if brief in places. Overall, I highly recommend it and hope to see more extensive works by Ms. Siuda-Legan in the future.

Reviewed by Shawn Fields-Berry

Visit the House of Netjer web site.
Order The Neteru of Kemet at the Eschaton Productions web site.

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