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Issue Three

An Interview with Susun S. Weed

Green witch and herbalist Susun Weed coined the term "witches heal." In this interview, she talks about her journey from her native Texas to her current home in the Catskill Mountains, and about two of her greatest passions—healing and magic.

The Village Healer

Peg Aloi writes about the Wise Women and Cunning Men healers of yore in this issue's Out of Legend column. Is the village witch on the edge of the forest mere myth?

Creatures of Plastic, Creatures of Wax

In this Tools column, Murtagh A. anDoile and Maire ni Morgan take a sometimes serious, sometimes humorous look at doll magic. Not to be missed!

The Charmed Pot, Herbs in Magic (Part 1)

The image of three hags on a Scottish moor chanting over a noxious broth comes to mind when the subject of herb magic is broached. Were they really brewing eye of newt and toe of frog, or were these code names for magical herbs? Myrriah Lavin looks at the traditional herb garden for practitioners of magic, and how those herbs may have come by their magical properties. This article will be concluded in issue No. 5.

The Wheel, A Practicum in Intermediate Magic (Part 3)

Cysylltiwr Stormmarchog continues his series of exercises, preparations, and rituals for a year-round magical practice for more advanced than beginners but not quite adepts. Solid workings and exercises designed to help you advance your magical practice at your own pace.

The Rite of Thanksgiving

Another moving ritual from the archives of Symbios. This ritual to praise the Goddess in all her aspects was performed at the Covenant of the Goddess's Merry Meet gathering in 1995.

Festival of Knives, Part 2
The continuation of our story from issue two.

Casey June Wolf's The Skeleton Dance.