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on this firm bed
spread with fading   multi-coloured quilt
strewn with sleeping cats
dictionary   journal   text for deeper reading

i sit
pondering each thought
as if i were an insect
   stepping back to view
a jungle-world of grass and grasping legs

yet here around me teems
a multitude of mites
busy eating flakes of me and cats

a spider drops from black cat's fur
blends into the room

and down beneath the carpet's crumbling underpad
beneath the stock of unvacuumable detritus
a cold conglomerate of cement lies rigid
oh so slowly relaxing into dust

down again
   the cool and sunless earth
robbed of roots and seepage
then down   farther
smoothly grinding rock
the floorboards of the city as she shifts

   more rock
a great slab sliding
incomprehensible in size
it rubs against its sister plate
and bends her under it
the rock itself yields into sweat
searing   bloody magma
dives and turns and climbs
in silent   grinning   salamander swirls
and deepest yet
   the hard dead heart

as i sit
on this firm multi-coloured
multi-inhabited bed
stars stretch limbs of energy
trillions of miles through airless seas
holes swallow galaxies
worms bore through mammals' skins
hook inside their flesh
steep in life's wet richness
disassemble cells
liberate the currency of stars
once caught by chloroplasts and fed
to orchid


as I sit here
contemplating one vague hint of mystery
mysteries too numerous and vast to catalogue
reel and roar in silence

   and in
      and all around

   my bed