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About Obsidian

ShieldObsidian is about ways to experience magic in our everyday lives. Our content is both scholarly and experiential, and we explore any magical approach to reality that we can. Obsidian was named for the black volcanic glass that has been used in magic and ritual for centuries. Like that black mirrored surface, Obsidian's articles reflect a multifaceted magical world view, diverse in its beliefs and calling each of us to our own path. Articles, interviews, poetry, and reviews cover many topics, from Celtic mythology to ancient Egyptian culture to village wisecraft. Obsidian is produced with an eye toward imbuing the spiritual quest with insightful passion, and is written by magical people for magical people.

We believe in a world where magic is real...because it is.

Obsidian used to be a print magazine. We published magazines between 1995 and 1999, but as print prices rose, along with the increasing size of the magazine, we could no longer afford to take our content to paper and ceased publishing. We have had part of Obsidian's content online for many years, and we have now decided to make all our past content available online as well as to publish new articles, interviews, reviews, fiction, and art. We hope you will visit our site often as we work to update and add to our content. Copies of the four issues we published are still available. Back issues are $6 each or $20 for all four issues (includes postage).

Obsidian Magazine is published by
Madstone Press
P.O. Box 312
Fort Mill, SC 29716